In addition to catering, Il Selgaro also offers the possibility of overnight in the formula b & b and half board for stays of relax and work. It also offers the opportunity to participate in recreational recreational activities such as didactic farms, summer centers and training courses in the food and wine industry. In addition to this, the agriturismo offers the opportunity to host company presentations and coffee breaks.

The Farm

The farm (today Terramica) founded its roots in 1958. In those years, the mezzanine cultivated the land once by Fustenbergh Agnelli. In the early 1970s, the breeding of the Tpr heavy heavy-duty horse and the extraction of clay ground was practiced. This produced the façade tiles used for the construction of rural colonial houses in the surrounding area. Over time, farms of numerous rabbits and chickens have followed.

A small vineyard of the Malbec of the Venezie IGT has always been present until 1988, like breeding cattle and pigs for family livelihood. In the early ’90s, when the agritourism project of a traditional, healthy and natural restaurant, namely Il Selgaro, forms the gastronomic production.

Gourmet production is now made sustainable by the company’s breeding farms, specializing in selected veal buckwheat up to 16 months, French stubble, duck white duck and piglet with genetics accredited by Durok and Danish White.